What to Look For before You Hire a Marquee

March 22, 2013

Before you decide to rent a marquee for your event, you need to consider a few important points.

Marquees can differ in the style, price, height and strength making choosing the right one a little more important than simply measuring your yard or event space.

Here are some of the points, you need to consider.

    • How many guests are your expecting? Do you want to have cover for everyone at the same time, or for people to move in and out of? This will alter the size requirements and may mean you only need a smaller marquee for a little extra cover from the rain or extreme sunshine.
    • What sort of event is it? Is it a wedding, corporate event, festival or private function? Is it a standing cocktail style function or seated meal? This helps us determine if our marquees are the right style, or whether another company would be more suited for your event.
    • Are you having a party at home or at a venue such as in a public park, the zoo or function centre. This is important information for the marquee company to know as there may be time restrictions such as council permits and we will need to consider how we will access the site.
    • What is the date of your event? You will need to check the availability on that date.
    • If it is a larger scale event, do you have a detailed floor plan? This will make the set up a little quicker, we can determine the number of walls needed and will help with the allocation of staff to your job if we know how the marquees are to be arranged.
    • How long do you need the marquee for? Keep in mind the unpredictability of weather. If it is to stay up for a while and weather is looking dicey, you may need to consider a stronger larger marquee.

Making a note of everything will make your decision easier and allow us to assist you with our expert knowledge to pick the perfect size for your event.

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