Tips For Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Marquee Hire

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Outdoor weddings are an increasingly popular option for modern Brides & Grooms. Melbourne has many wonderful parks and gardens that are well suited as a location for a wedding ceremony. Of course with Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, it makes sense to insure yourself against the elements by investing in marquee hire for your wedding ceremony. Wedding marquees don’t just provide protection from the elements, they also look great. In a public area they also provide some structure to your ceremony, giving guests an idea of where they need to congregate and the general public an idea that a private event or function is about to occur. As with anything wedding-related, planning is very important. Here are some points to consider: Location
  • For public parks, beaches or gardens, do you require council permission to use the area for a wedding ceremony?
  • For private locations, what are the area hire fees? Do they have a list of preferred suppliers?
  • How exposed is the area to the elements? Beach weddings can be very romantic, but they can also be ruined by strong winds or extreme heat…
  • Is there good vehicle access to the area, or will people (suppliers and guests) have to walk a long way to access the location?
  • You may need some or all of the following: Marquee Hire Company, Florists and/or Wedding Decorators, Caterers, Musicians
  • It is important that you approach suppliers well in advance, so that you can discuss your requirements and ensure that your desired items are available for your chosen date.
  • Discuss your chosen location with your suppliers before booking – they may have some experience with supplying to that location and be able to provide you with insights/advice.
Contingency Plans
  • The best laid plans can sometimes be thrown into disarray by bad weather or other unforseen events. Make sure you consider an alternative venue or location just in case.
  • Most suppliers will require payments or part-payments up front and these are usually not refundable in the case of bad weather as the supplier stock has already been committed. Ask questions about your chosen suppliers refund policies and make sure you understand before booking.
Tips For Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Marquee Hire