School and Clubs Marquee Hire

We have over 25 years of expertise in supplying marquees and umbrellas to schools

We have been providing Melbourne schools and sporting clubs with portable and instant shade solutions of the best quality for over 25 years. We have marquees and umbrellas with a wide variety of styles and colours including house and school colours. Perfect for events such as school fêtes, sports carnivals and open days. Once you have selected from our range of products our efficient team of specialists will be committed to providing you our with first rate marquee solutions and customer service. They will ensure that your event is comfortable and enjoyable even in adverse weather conditions.

Discounts are available for extended rentals and the hire of multiple marquees. Please Contact Us for a quotation or if you would like further information.

We can help you accomodate any of your school events

Our marquees are easy to set up and can be used to create outdoor spaces for various school events. They offer protection from sun and rain, creating a comfortable environment for students and attendees. Coming in various sizes and designs, our products can be organised to suit a great variety of different events and functions. If you have any questions about how we can supply your next event please contact us!

3m x 3m instant marquee9 sq/m12 people standing
4.5m x 3m instant marquee13.5 sq/m18 people standing
6m x 3m instant marquee18 sq/m25 people standing
6m x 6m (20′ x 20′)36 sq/m50 people standing
6m x 9m (20′ x 30′)48 sq/m75 people standing
6m x 12m (20′ x 40′)72 sq/m100 people standing
6m x 15m (20′ x 50′)90 sq/m125 people standing

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School and Clubs Marquee Hire