We have the widest range and variety of umbrellas for hire in Melbourne

With a plethora of sizes and styles available, you have the choice of umbrellas from the widest range of cafe, market and outdoor umbrellas for hire in Melbourne.

Our range starts with the light and compact 2.2m square size and goes all the way up to the crowd covering 5m octagonal “Jumbo” umbrella. With many colours available we are sure to have an umbrella product to suit your themed event or corporate/club colours.

Our umbrellas are strong, sleek and easy to use

Our umbrellas provide versatile shade solutions for all outdoor events. What sets them apart from the rest is their engineer certification. This ensures their durability, safety and their ability to withstand extreme weather, meaning they will pose no issues at your event.

Ultimately these umbrellas are designed for your convenience. We have pegged options for grassy areas and weighted versions for solid surfaces, ensuring that they can be effortlessly set up in any space to provide your patrons with shade and comfort. 

Umbrella Size
2.8m octagonal umbrella6 sq/m8 people standing
3m square umbrella9 sq/m10 people standing
5m Octagonal Jumbo Umbrella (15.5′ diameter)19sq/m25 people standing

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hire commercial-grade outdoor umbrellas (also known as market umbrellas). All our umbrellas feature aluminium frames that are lighter and easier to use than comparable timber umbrellas.  

Umbrellas are suitable for any event where spread-out shade and coverage is required and where patrons are sitting or standing in large areas rather than being crowded under a large marquee. 

Commercial grade hire umbrellas will come with a solid and heavy base stand with a secure connection to the umbrella itself. Additional weights such as sandbags will usually be used to provide additional weight to the base.