Furniture and Accessories for hire

We stock a large range of quality event furniture. If you do not find the product you are looking for, please let us know and we will be more than happy to arrange it for you. In the past we have organised the additions of heaters and barbeques for customers for example. Please note that we also offer discounts for any large volume hires.

Our accessories are here to elevate your event

We have a selection of versatile accessories to elevate your event or outdoor gathering. Black and white folding chairs, designed to be stackable, offer convenience and style. Our white bistro chairs, also stackable, provide a timeless elegance that complements various settings. For additional functionality, consider the 1.8m long by 75 cm trestle tables, available in both timber and plastic variants, catering to different aesthetics and event requirements. The 95cm diameter round bistro tables, made of plastic, are perfect for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Finally, to add a touch of vibrancy to your space, you can also inquire about our selection of fluorescent lights. These can bring a playful, colourful ambiance to your event that sets the mood for a memorable occasion. 

White or black folding chairneat and very portable chair1 person
White bistro chairstackable1 person
White bistro table95cm(w) x 70cm(h)4 people
Trestle table180cm(L) x 75cm(w) x 72cm(h)6-8 people

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our accessories can be included in an array of events so if you feel your event attendees would be more comfortable seated or with tables around then we would definitely recommend the hiring of accessories.

Chairs are especially appreciated at events where performances are conducted or where food and drink is being consumed. Additionally you may hire tables and chairs to outfit individual stalls at a market so stall holders can present their goods or store their equipment.

If you expect or intend your event to have a great deal of foot traffic we would suggest that not much seating will be required as it may just get in the way. However, for other accessories such as tables, suitability depends on the event type. If you are unsure if accessories are needed for your event feel free to contact us for a second opinion.

We stock hundreds of each accessory so we should be able to accomodate even the largest of events. But if you think your event could be too large please contact us and we will discuss the details.

We clean each accessory after it is used so it is ok if a mess is made. We hire out our accessories to many events including food markets so we have the expectation that they will not be completely clean after being used.