At Instant Marquees, a wide range of products such as marquees, umbrellas, and accessories are available. You can make your selection according to your needs or we can help you make a decision.

Several years ago we introduced a range of European designed commercial umbrellas with lightweight aluminium frames and weatherproof canopies in attractive designs and colours into our hire stock. These include “standard” market umbrella sized as well as a range of exclusive “Jumbo” umbrellas. As the name suggests, these umbrellas provide maximum coverage due to

their unique shape and structure. They are extremely useful at events where a large number of guests are expected. Additionally where the traditional shape of an umbrella shape is still desired.

Our marquees were originally designed by “KD Canopy” in the USA, the first inventors of the “pop-up marquee” concept. Our high quality products are reliable, durable and capable of withstanding harsh and adverse weather conditions. For more detailed information regarding the specifications of our products please click on the images below.