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    East Melbourne lies just next to the central business district and features Parliament House which was built in 1856, a number of specialist hospitals, and the skyline dominated by the historic St Patricks Cathedral. Half of the area covered by East Melbourne is devoted to parkland or sporting grounds. Fitzroy Gardens houses Captain Cooks’ Cottage, a conservatory, a miniature Tudor village, the Fairies Tree, and several fountains and rotundas. The Treasury Gardens lie behind Parliament House and the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), dating back to 1853, includes a huge stadium which hosts many football and cricket matches, including the AFL Football Grand Final, as well as having been the main arena for significant international sporting events including the 1956 Olympic Games and 2006 Commonwealth Games.

    East Melbourne is famous for its single, iconic terrace housing. This type of housing is predominant in most of the suburb. In addition, there are many Art Deco houses and apartment buildings. However, on a windy day, it’s next to impossible to organise an event in your courtyard or on the terrace.

    Instant Marquee offers marquees that are strong enough to handle strong winds. The best part is: you don’t have to buy one. With Instant Marquee, you can hire a marquee in East Melbourne.

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