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Australia Day falls on the 26th of January every year. If you are an Australian, you are not oblivious to the significance of this day and what it means to be an Australian. There are myriad ways you can celebrate the official National day of Australia which is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of the first fleet at Sydney, that dates back to 1788. This day signifies the pride of every Australian and they look forward to this day every year and take time off for fun activities and spending time with family.

So, Christmas and New Year have gone by and Australia Day is round the corner. People are going to celebrate it in various ways. Some are going to fly the Australian flag, while some will go to attend public events, some will go barbecuing with friends and family while some of them will attend sport events and citizenship ceremonies. You and your family must be excited about your plans for Australia day as well.

Whether you are an organiser or an attendee, you would understand that an event is not fun unless, it is comfortable for the participants and the guests. If you are an organiser, in order to make your event a success in the heat of January, it is advised that you go for marquees for hire to make it comfortable for your guests.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a marquee for your event:-

Marquees for rent allow you to think beyond in-door locations. Most of the times you are forced to discard the idea of organising an event at an outdoor location that could offer more space and save you some serious dollars, but you were not sure whether the event could be staged there. You can easily pull it off, if you hire a marquee according to your occasion. Cheap marquees for hire can limit the impact of sunshine, rain or even winds. Furthermore, it can add an exquisite touch of class to your event. So, do not hold back the idea of organising your event outdoors. Just hire a marquee and relax.


This Australia Day long weekend book a DIY marquee for pickup & self-installation and we’ll upgrade you to the next size FREE!

For example, book a 3×3 marquee for $110 and we’ll upgrade you to a 3×4.5 marquee at no extra charge (normally $150). Or book a 3×4.5 marquee for $150 and we’ll upgrade you to a 3×6 marquee (normally $195).

Plus you can pickup your marquee on Friday the 25th of January and return in on Tuesday the 29th so you get it for the whole Australia Day Long Weekend!

Book now as stock is limited – mention the AUSTRALIA DAY SPECIAL OFFER WHEN BOOKING.

Happy Australia Day !

Marquees for Hire for Australia Day