Hiring Corporate Party Marquees – All you need to know

April 08, 2013

Corporate party marquees are used for different types of outdoor events such as exhibitions, product launches, presentations etc. Here’s some useful tips when considering corporate party marquee hire:

  • Marquees can be used to cover a whole area, providing complete shelter to guests, staff, and products. Alternatively if your event budget is limited, consider just covering presenters and food/catering areas, leaving the remainder of the function in the open (weather permitting of course).
  • Umbrellas are another effective way of shading areas for outdoor events. Consider a mix of marquees and umbrellas, using marquees to cover food and catering and umbrellas to cover guest seating areas.
  • Marquee and umbrella hire gives you the flexibility to choose any venue for your event. Think outside the box and consider unusual locations such as on the beach, at a park, or an area or location where your product or service might be used. For example, if launching a new residential real estate development, organise the launch party at the site where the development will be built and cover the area with marquees and umbrella to provide shade and shelter to invited guests.
  • Marquees add an aesthetic touch to your event. You can make your event stand out and impress your clients, customers and employees by applying creative themes and incorporating suitable lighting options. It will be fun for your guests to attend an event with a touch of class and creativity. Let the marquee hire company know about your event in detail, so that they can suggest creative ways to make your event look impressive.
  • Consider the weather – pick a suitable time of year for your outdoor event and always have a contingency plan in the event of very bad weather. Work with your marquee supplier to develop the contingency plan so that everyone knows up front what will happen.
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