Easy Tips to make Party Marquees Rock !!

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Throwing a party outdoors is a great idea on account of many reasons. Outdoor parties give you ample of space and freedom to organise and decorate it your way. Party marquees can give a stately appearance to your party and work like icing on the cake, if some small things are kept in mind. Here are some useful tips:

1.Avoid the Heat: If marquees have been delivered at the venue, avoid keeping them under the harsh sun as it will heat them up. It will be a good idea to place them in a cool place.

2.Decoration: Well, this is where you have lots of advantages. Party Marquees can get along with just any theme. All you need to do is, plan well in advance and consult with the marquees supplier.

3.Ground Work: Although it may seem expensive, but worth it. Ground work should not be ignored as it may cause serious injuries. Good ground work will keep people safe and happy.

4.Do not forget the Portaloo! : Do not underestimate the importance of portable toilets. Any mistake made here will turn your party into a complete disaster. Arrange some extra toilets for women, even if the men and women ratio is same. On an average, one person uses the toilet every 2-3 hours. Do not forget to arrange toilets for the physically challenged as well.

5.Power: Make sure that a generator is there at all times, so that it could be used in case of power failure; however it shouldn’t be very close to where the guests are, as the noise will play the spoilsport.

Easy Tips to make Party Marquees Rock !!